We are often hired by clients to update an A/V system or fix problems left behind by another company. In this series, I am going to showcase what we encounter and what solutions we provide to improve the situation.

In this particular project, the main source of problems for the entire system originated in the equipment rack, which was located in the mechanical room of the home – where all of the components for the A/V system were located. As you can see in the following photos, the result of this poorly executed installation is a mess in the equipment rack. Something as simple as creating cables that are the proper length so that they can be harnessed to ensure there is space for proper air flow and space for future servicing was overlooked. It is no wonder many facets of the system were not working correctly and even if you were to attempt to troubleshoot the problem, where do you start?

Photos of what we encountered during our original consultation with the client.

The first step of the installation was to deconstruct the entire rack.

With a clean slate we are able to install the new components.

During the planning stages of the project, we design the system so that the components are spaced appropriately for sufficient air circulation. When making connections between the devices, we make sure that the interconnects are the proper length and we harness everything to allow for efficient servicing should it be necessary. Performing these actions does not add cost to the project, it only requires proper knowledge, planning and execution.