During our initial consultation with the client we found this situation in their Master Bedroom – a satellite receiver, a Blu-ray player, a network switch, miscellaneous power supplies and a mess of cables. The goal was to remove the unnecessary items, simplify the operation and in general, clean things up.

Below is the “Before” photo

Part of our installation was to centralize the A/V system. As it was currently installed, there were many devices located within each of the rooms, similar to what you see in this Master Bedroom cabinet and it just isn’t necessary. By centralizing these devices (satellite receiver, network switch, etc.) we can keep the clutter in each room to a minimum, but also allow these devices to be used throughout the house. No longer is it necessary to have a satellite receiver, cable box, Blu-ray player, etc. at every television, when these devices are centralized and “distributed” throughout the home, it allows them to be used from any point in the house. This centralization also makes servicing a system significantly easier as well, as when most or all devices in the system are in one location, it makes troubleshooting a breeze.

Below is the “After” photo.

As you can see in the photo, the eyesore has been removed and the client no longer needs to worry about causing havoc in the system by accidentally unplugging something when they simply want to watch a movie.  They still have full access to the satellite receiver even though it’s not located in the room – nice and clean!

There are several causes for this problem, but the result was mostly due to lack of planning in the initial A/V design by the company who performed the original installation, as there was more than enough wire in the walls to execute the installation as we did.

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