A Living Room not unlike many others in this area – a rear projection television on a stand and a plethora of wires behind it. A waste of space and an eye sore. For this project our client asked what we could do about the situation. See below!

Below are a few photos before we got started… as you can see, we had our work cut out for us.  (Click to enlarge)

Below are a few photos of the finished installation. (Click to enlarge)

We had two major goals to accomplish:

  • Replace the rear projection television with a flat panel television and mount it to the wall
  • Re-locate the A/V components, center channel, and sub-woofer

To accomplish goal #1, we installed a 60″ LG LCD television on the wall at the appropriate viewing height for the room. To prevent an electrical cord from hanging down the wall we coordinated with a local electrician to extend the circuit up the wall behind where the television would be installed.

To accomplish goal #2, (arguably the most challenging part of this project) we installed a wall mounted equipment rack in the mechanical room, just below the television location. We extended the speaker lines for the surround sound system into this room and connected the devices to the television with new high definition audio & video cables. These wires were brought down inside the wall into the mechanical room so that nothing is visible from the Living Room. We installed and programmed a hand-held automation controller and a radio-frequency adapter that allows them to control all of their devices from the Living Room with a single button press. Lastly, the sub-woofer was relocated to a different part of the room near an existing electrical outlet and a new wire from the amplifier was extended to the sub-woofer’s new location, which is now out of sight.

As we were wrapping up the installation we heard from the home owner, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Good question!

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