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Fireplace television installation – simple or complex?

2018-05-14T16:52:50-05:00By |General Information|

Purchasing a television and installing it above a fireplace would seem to be a pretty straight forward proposition but there are a lot of hidden elements. Typically we would recommend a recess in the fireplace, upon which the television would be installed into using a swing-arm - this would allow for the TV to be [...]

Music For A Patriotic Weekend!

2016-07-02T14:33:15-05:00By |General Information, News|

What better way to celebrate the founding of our great nation than by listening to some fantastic music? We have curated a short Spotify playlist of some of the best patriotic music we know and want to share it with you. Simply play the music from the widget below. Wanting to play this music throughout [...]

Video Distribution – A Quick Introduction

2018-05-14T16:52:51-05:00By |General Information, News|

A video distribution system is an often-recommended solution for our clients and it is by far one of the least understood services that we offer. There is a lot to know about this particular subject and because I know you are busy, this will be an abbreviated guide. After you read this you will better [...]

Structured Wiring – An Insight Into Our Process

2018-05-14T16:52:52-05:00By |General Information|

We are often asked about our processes when it comes to new home construction - how we wire for our clients' systems and how we plan for the future. Here are a few items that we execute on every project. Have a plan For almost every project you undertake in [...]

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