Patio Speaker Installation – A Retrofit Solution

2018-05-14T16:52:52-05:00By |Before & After, Projects|

This installation was an addition to an audio system we completed when the home was built in 2014. The client wanted to add speakers to a patio area that was not wired for audio when the home was originally built. No problem! Fortunately the home had a nice crawlspace! Despite being on an outside wall, [...]

Television installation besides deep fireplace – Design & Installation

2018-05-14T16:52:52-05:00By |Before & After, Projects|

The fireplace is the center of attention and when they are as beautiful as this one, they deserve it! But there is always the tough decision to make - where does the television go? Above the mantle is a good option in most cases but in this instance the client would be sitting far too [...]

Ultra Plush Carpet and Central Vacuum

2018-05-14T16:52:54-05:00By |News, Projects|

You're building a home and it's time to make a decision on carpet. You of course want the softest and most luxurious carpet available so it feels like you're walking on a cloud but you're also planning on having a central vacuum system installed - "Will there be a conflict?" you ask yourself. No! Under normal [...]

Surveillance System – Head-end Installation

2018-05-14T16:52:55-05:00By |Before & After, Projects|

In most of our news posts we showcase the finished installation within the living space - the television above the fireplace, a beautiful theater room, etc. Not this time! In this update we want to show you the 'guts of a recent installation - more specifically a surveillance system installation. In the series of photos [...]

Living Room Television – Before & After – Volume #4

2015-05-28T15:34:08-05:00By |Before & After, Projects|

I was going through some photos of a project we recently completed and came across two photos from very similar angles in the same room - during construction and after. I thought it was neat and wanted to share! Learn more about this project and our services by visiting our 'Contact [...]

Fireplace Television Installation

2018-05-14T16:52:55-05:00By |Before & After, Projects|

The television above the fireplace was installed during construction of the home and the woodwork was built around the television. This provided a clean look but presented several problems - the sound was trapped inside the woodwork as the speakers were covered and it was almost impossible to connect devices as the television was installed [...]

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