Purchasing a television and installing it above a fireplace would seem to be a pretty straight forward proposition but there are a lot of hidden elements. Typically we would recommend a recess in the fireplace, upon which the television would be installed into using a swing-arm – this would allow for the TV to be pulled the front of the recess and be flush with the stone and give us a place to install a cable or satellite box out of sight. But for this project the home owner wanted to avoid this recess in case they decided at some point in the future they did not want a television here and instead wanted to hang artwork or decoration and would have to deal with something big to cover up. This was not an unreasonable request and provided us with a fun challenge to overcome.
An additional challenge we faced was the television selected – a Samsung Frame TV. These TV’s are great – when you want to use it, it provides a great and enveloping picture, and when you do not want to use it, it transforms into a piece of artwork and adjusts the picture to match the lighting in your room. However with these Samsung Frame TV’s, your components do not connect to the TV itself, but to an external “Samsung One Connect” box that utilizes a propriety fiber optic-like connector between it and the television. Without a recess behind the TV, we had to find a place for this One Connect box and the components connected to it – in this case it will be a cabinet or a piece of furniture to the side of the fireplace and to do this we had to pre-run conduit between the TV location on the fireplace and behind the future component location.
This is just one example of some of the challenges we help our clients with when building or remodeling their homes in the Brainerd Lakes area – audio and video components have their own level of difficulty but with our installation expertise and decades working with remodel and new construction projects, we can ensure everything works without a hitch.