During our initial meetings with the home owners we learned that they have had various audio & video technologies integrated into their previous home and while they enjoyed the features, it was not as easy to use as they would prefer. Components for their previous systems were strewn about between their Living Room and Mechanical Room and things did not communicate as they should. While they wanted to incorporate similar technologies throughout their new home, they wanted to operation of the system to be simple and user friendly. With that in mind we designed a system that would keep their A/V equipment out of their living spaces and ensure that any member of the family or guest could operate the system without instruction.

One of the main parts of the installed system was the whole house audio system. Throughout the house we installed various in-ceiling and on-wall weather proof speakers and through those speakers they are able to listen to FM radio, satellite music, CDs, or music from their iPod or iPhone which is transmitted wirelessly through a wireless network we set up, which eliminated the need for docking station or plugging in your phone or iPod (and if their phone rings, the music is automatically muted and resumed after the call ends). To operate the audio system we installed basic keypads in each area and in the Kitchen we installed a touchscreen keypad for more detailed control of the system (preset channels, direct tuning, etc). While entertaining they also have the ability to share what’s on the television in the Living Room, which allows them for example, have the football game sounds to play through the Kitchen or Patio so they never miss a play.

The Living Room was the main casual TV watching room of the house and a 60″ television was installed to provide for ample viewing from anywhere in the Living Room or from the Kitchen as well. The television was installed on a swing-arm mount to allow for flexible positioning based on seating location and a sound bar was attached to the television and swing-arm to bolster the sound for such a large area. A single hand-held controller was programmed to provide simple operation of the television, sound bar, satellite receiver and Blu-ray player (located in the cabinet below) through an intuitive user interface. If they want to want to watch a movie or a football game, with the single press of a button all of the necessary components come to life within seconds.

In the Porch, it was requested that a television be installed and meet three criteria – the television be installed on a swing-arm so that it could be viewed from the hot tub, that the swing-arm not cause the television to protrude unnecessarily into the room and that the television be easily removable for winter storage. The first two items were achieved by using a specific mount that had two parts – the first part being a box that is installed during the framing phase, which supports the mount and allows the arm to recess into it when in a resting position. The third request was achieved by creating easily discernible and labeled disconnect points for the three connections that went into the television. When the weather gets too cold, a single latch release a lock on the mount and three cables are easily disconnected and the lightweight television can be brought in for storage until Spring.

Like the Living Room, a single hand-held controller was programmed for simple operation of the television, satellite and in-ceiling speakers for the audio system. This controller can also be brought out onto the Patio if they wish to change the station due to its ability to control all of the components through radio frequency – no line of sight is required.

The last part of our project was a Theater Room. We worked with the builder to ensure that the space for the Theater Room would accommodate the amount of friends and family who would be in the room at one time and to ensure that everyone had an unobstructed view of the screen and speaker placement would provide an ideal listening experience. All components for this room are in the adjacent utility room in a small equipment rack, along with the rest of the components for the house A/V system. A Blu-ray player and Playstation game console reside in the front cabinet for easy access. Similar to the Living Room and the Patio, a single controller provides the home owner with one touch control of all functions of the Theater Room, from watching satellite TV, a movie on the Blu-ray player or accessing Netflix.

Our client had the following to say after the project was completed:

Our home theater system is amazing along with the easy access to the various key pads located throughout the house. The ease of navigating to get to your various sound sources is great.We are beyond happy with their service, outstanding! Would recommend them highly! Thanks for all your help in making our dream home come true!

– Jeff & Kathy B.


This home was constructed by Mark Stone Construction.