This installation was an addition to an audio system we completed when the home was built in 2014. The client wanted to add speakers to a patio area that was not wired for audio when the home was originally built. No problem!

Fortunately the home had a nice crawlspace! Despite being on an outside wall, we were able to use the hole we cut in for the audio system keypad to fish wires for the new speaker location, all while maintaining the vapor barrier and insulation. We installed a specialized speaker that provides both the left and right channels of audio, which was a perfect solution considering the small space in which the client needed audio and the limitations we had in wiring this added speaker location.

The audio system keypad provides the client the ability to easily select between listening to the radio, their cable box in the nearby Living Room (great for “overflow” when the football game is on), or music streamed wirelessly from their phone.

See a few photos from the installation below or visit our contact page if you have further questions!