A space in your home that provides all of the better parts of a commercial movie theater – big screen, great sound, and comfortable environment, without the distractions of cell phones ringing, people talking, and rustling popcorn bags. A home theater can be as simple as a television and speakers mounted to the wall in your Living Room or as elaborate as a dedicated room with a motorized screen, a 3D projector, and lights that automatically dim when the movie starts.

Our goal at Digital Horizons is to evaluate the space you have to work with and design a system that best suits your needs and performs the best in the space allowed. In the case of a dedicated theater room, a proper design is necessary to ensure the following things:

  • A suitable screen size and material is selected for the viewing environment; desirable screen size and type can vary significantly, especially if ambient light is present.

  • Ensuring that the right projector is selected to ensure good brightness and contrast to match the screen and viewing environment.

  • That speakers can be placed optimally for proper sound reproduction

  • And most importantly, that a proper seating configuration provides  everyone their own “sweet spot”. which means  an unobstructed view of the screen and well balanced audio.

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