Lighting control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations. This is done through through programmable dimmers as your wall switches or by having your home wired in such a fashion that remotely locates those dimmers for a cleaner aesthetic within the room.

A lighting control system can do a lot for you. It offers the unbeatable convenience of being able to turn on and off every light from anywhere in your house, including from the comfort of your bed. It can highlight your home’s architectural beauty and brilliantly showcase works of art. Its pre-programmed scenes can set just the right mood – whether for a large party or comfortable stay at home. It can save you energy and money by dimming and using only the lights you need. A few of the primary functions to a Lighting Control system are outlined below:


Lighting Control systems offer unbeatable convenience through the ability to have preset scenes for various activities. Lighting “scenes” for your Living Room labeled as “TV”, “Daytime”, or “Reading” are programmed into the system and when pressed, adjust your lights to match the needs for the selected activity. At night you want to get out of bed and get a snack from the Kitchen, a scene programmed for “Snack” will illuminate your path with mild light. Furthermore, scheduled events can be programmed for various activities, such as automatically turning on your landscaping lighting at sunset and off again at sunrise.

Energy Savings

A Lighting Control system can provide significant energy savings. Through automatic dimming, occupancy sensors and programmed schedules, you will begin to use light only when it is needed, saving money through reduced energy use and extending bulb life. Because of this, Lighting Control systems provide significant LEED credits during remodel or new construction projects.


Lighting Control systems provide you with the ability to transform a wall of light switches into a single keypad – gone are the days of trying to keep track of which set of lights are on each switch. With a Lighting Control system, you can remotely locate your dimmers to a nearby closet or have your home wired so the dimming is done from your mechanical room and a single keypad operates the lights within your room.


A Lighting Control system can provide great security measures for your home or cabin. By setting an ‘Away’ or ‘Vacation’ mode, a Lighting Control system will call upon your use of light throughout the day and mimic that use to make it appear as the home is occupied. Additionally, a ‘Panic’ button can be programmed that when pressed will automatically turn on and flash your outside lights, to let an outside intruder know you are aware of their presence or to alert emergency services of your location. Lastly, the Lighting Control system can be tied to your security system, allowing an ‘Away’ or ‘Vacation’ mode to be activated when you arm the system and having various lights flash throughout the home if the security system senses an intruder.

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