Recently we were contacted by one of our clients and they told us they were needing some help replacing a television. A few years back they had built a new home and brought along an old Sony rear projection style television that was now 8-9 years old and was in dire need of fixing or replacing. After some discussion about the pros and cons of repairing or replacing, they decided to replace the television.

When we talked with them about what they liked about their old television we learned:

  • They liked the size
  • They liked the sound
  • They like Sony products

We also learned what they didn’t like:

  • They didn’t like the bulky-ness of the old television
  • They didn’t like the glare that was present on the screen during the day
  • They didn’t like the limited viewing angles

With these factors in mind, we recommend and eventually installed the television seen below!

By listening to our clients needs, we were able to recommend the perfect television – a 55″ Sony XBR. We recommended the Sony XBR (XBR-55X900A) for several reasons:

  • Most speakers on flat panel televisions are really weak and don’t measure up to older televisions. The XBR has speakers to the side of the screen as well as an additional subwoofer system on the back of the television that fills in where the speakers on the side leave off. Everyone was impressed by the sound quality – even me and I’m pretty picky!
  • The matte finish on the screen prevented glare from interrupting their viewing during the day.
  • The small footprint of the base of the television and the small bezel of the screen allows for more space on the cabinetry to be used if necessary.
  • The screen technology allowed for wide viewing angles – so if they had guests sitting to the side, everyone in the room can watch.
  • It’s an Ultra-HD (4k) resolution screen and it’s a Sony XBR so of course the picture was amazing.

To say the least, Sony hit a home-run with this television and I would recommend it to anyone considering a new purchase.

If we can answer any questions for you about this television or anything else related to Audio & Video, we would love to hear from you. Visit our Contact Page to reach us!