We are often asked about our processes when it comes to new home construction – how we wire for our clients’ systems and how we plan for the future. Here are a few items that we execute on every project.

  • Have a plan

For almost every project you undertake in life, whether you are putting together a piece of furniture, building a house, or running a business, you should have a plan. When we start working with a client on a new construction project and we are planning out a home audio system, a lighting control system, or a dedicated home theater, we create a plan based on their needs. One of the first parts of this plan in a new construction project is a structured wiring diagram – a road map to what wiring we will pull to the various technologies installed throughout the home. This structured wiring diagram ensures all of the necessary wiring is put in place before the walls of sealed up and it is too late.

  • Label, label, label

Now that everything is wired, which of these dozens or hundreds of wires is for the network connection in the office? In our case we would have placed a distinctive marker or designation on the end of the wire to indicate what each wire does or what purpose it serves. Ten years down the road and you want to connect a pair of speakers, no worries, simply find the un-used speaker wire and look for the appropriate label.

  • Take photos

Once our wiring installation is completed – everything on our structured wiring diagram is checked off and our wiring is completely labeled – we go through and take photos of every single wire we pulled. These photos serve as record of what wires are in the walls, what routes they took to get to their final destination, and also help us locate items that were saved for future use. On nearly every project there is something that we ‘bury’ for future use – either for budget reasons or because having a big hole cut out during construction is not the best way to install a particular product. Photos allow us to bury these items and carefully reference their location for future use. And in the rare occasion we have an issue from what turns out to be a screw or nail through some wiring, we can reference where it likely happened based on these photos.

If you would like to learn more about our detail oriented process, please contact us and let us know how we can help.