In most of our news posts we showcase the finished installation within the living space – the television above the fireplace, a beautiful theater room, etc. Not this time! In this update we want to show you the ‘guts of a recent installation – more specifically a surveillance system installation.

In the series of photos below you will see before, in-progress and completed photos of a surveillance system we installed into a recently built home. Weeks before this installation took place we had wired the home for various services – video, audio, data, phone, as well as video surveillance. The bundle of wire suspended from the ceiling contained all of the wire for those services.

A multi-channel digital video recorder (DVR) was installed to record the video from the cameras installed in and around the home, along with a power supply to power said cameras. The DVR was installed into an equipment rack with the ability to turn around due to casters installed on the bottom, which gave us access to the multitude of wires and connections required in this system. This type of setup allows for a quicker installation and much easier servicing should it be needed in the future. The power supply was mounted to the wall above the equipment rack.

The careful attention to wire management, similar to the equipment rack, makes servicing or additions to the system down the road a breeze. Wire for future services was set aside on the wall or laced into the equipment rack where future equipment could be added.

Also incorporated into this installation was a DirecTV system and a cable modem for the homes’ internet service.

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