The fireplace is the center of attention and when they are as beautiful as this one, they deserve it! But there is always the tough decision to make – where does the television go? Above the mantle is a good option in most cases but in this instance the client would be sitting far too close and the television height would require regular trips to the chiropractor! The only remaining option is to place the television to the left of the fireplace, but when the fireplace is really deep – nearly 36″ in this case – it presents challenges. Here is what we did:

First step was to take measurements and design the space on a computer. Using the fireplace dimensions and the desired television size, we mocked up a plan. Using a specialize swing-arm mount with a 36″ extension, we were able to come up with a suitable solution. This step was important in helping the client decide whether the final viewing angles would be acceptable.


We first had to complete two objectives, which required opening the interior wall – 1). add a conduit to add wiring for our immediate and potential future needs 2). add structure in the wall to help support the television but to also prevent the sheetrock from puckering, causing screw pops.



Lastly, we performed the easy part – installation of the mount and television! There will be a short cabinet added in the future to conceal the Blu-ray player.



We hope this shows you what is possible when you want to install a high definition flat-panel television around a big fireplace. Should you find yourself in a similar situation and need some professional assistance, we service the Brainerd lakes and surrounding areas and would love to hear from you. We offer free consultations – visit our contact us page to set up an appointment.