You’re building a home and it’s time to make a decision on carpet. You of course want the softest and most luxurious carpet available so it feels like you’re walking on a cloud but you’re also planning on having a central vacuum system installed – “Will there be a conflict?” you ask yourself.


Under normal circumstances, some central vacuum “power heads” (the cleaning head with agitator brush) will suck down into the carpet, due to the sheer suction power of the vacuum system in combination with the dense fibers of ultra plush carpet. However, there are specially designed power heads that provide a buffer and release valves (as well as adjustable height) to ensure that this cannot happen and you can clean your ultra plush carpet like any other surface of your home.

One of the more popular units for this task is from the manufacturer “Wessel-Werk”, in particular the “EBK-360” (found HERE). We recently ordered these for one of our clients after discovering the Master Bedroom contained said ultra plush carpet. Fear not – in almost all cases you will not need a special power head to accommodate your flooring material and most units will have a manual (or automatic) height adjustment for your cleaning convenience.

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