“Honey, is that a UFO in our hallway?”

“No dear, that is the latest technology in wireless internet, installed by the experts at Digital Horizons!”



Wireless internet is a funny thing. It is such a crucial technology in our every day lives, but more often then not it is not installed correctly and leads to real frustrations.

There are two big mistakes we see with poor network installations:

#1). Relying on a single device to handle everything, which is often by a device called a “wireless router”. This device connects to your internet modem and performs two very important and difficult tasks on its own – routing all of the network information in your home or business, as well as acting as an air-traffic controller for all of the wireless devices in your home. This is HEAVY DUTY stuff for a single device to handle! When you add in streaming music and home automation communication, it becomes a burden for a single device to handle.

#2). Poor wireless network coverage for a home. Houses are complex things, they are comprised of many different materials – wood, glass, plaster, metal, rock, etc – none of which are very friendly to wireless signals. Some of these materials allow wireless signals to pass through them without issue, some slightly inhibit transmission, others block it outright or cause major problems. This can lead to weak signals in parts of the house or outright dead spots.

To solve problem #1, you employ separate devices to handle the tasks of network information routing and wireless network connectivity. You effectively split the term “wireless router” into “router” and “wireless access point” – once divided, you will have two separate devices that can focus on one thing and be GOOD at it. Similar to baking a turkey on Thanksgiving, you would not use a toaster-oven, right? (If you would, make sure to throw us an invite, we would LOVE to see how it turns out!).

To solve problem #2, you take the “wireless access point” (or multiple of them) and spread them throughout the residence or business! If you have a home under 2,000 square feet, you will likely only need one of these devices, however if your home is larger then that or has multiple stories, you will likely need more. While you CAN have too many, more is better, especially when a GOOD wireless access point will give you the ability to adjust settings that will limit the chance of interference.

Getting back to the UFO comment above, the great thing about wireless access points is that with a little planning, these devices can be ceiling mounted. This allows them to be out of sight AND provide the best wireless signal coverage for your home or business.

If you often find yourself at home with a weak wireless network connection or are planning a remodel or new construction project in the Brainerd Lakes area, contact us for expert advice on wired or wireless networking!