Acoustic Panels in the Workplace

Make the most important rooms in your business the most productive rooms with cost-effective room acoustics.
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The Office Acoustics Problem

The latest in office design is a large open area where every employee has a view outside with glass windows, concrete floors and high ceilings that give everyone a sense of space. Unfortunately, the open design has created some unintended consequences.

The lack of sound privacy has led to lower productivity, and employee morale.

Digital Horizons can beautify your office and give your employees and clients the privacy they desire with a complete selection of acoustic panels.

Acoustic Panels For Office

Acoustic panels include a collection of exciting shapes that can be used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels to reduce reverberation and improve intelligibility around your work spaces. The unique creative solutions are bold, yet architecturally pleasing.

Our designers will guide you through the choices and answer your questions to help you make the best decision for your office or workspace.

House Of Worship Acoustics

Your message is important and needs to be heard and felt by congregants. Whether it is the sermon, the worship music or a video presentation, intelligibility and control of the sound are paramount. Houses of worship are often large rooms with hard surfaces. Sound bounces from surface to surface making the message hard to comprehend.

Speak with the professionals at Digital Horizons about how we can help you deliver your message to your congregants.